Babel Street to expand into South America

Company inks partnership with SFA Seguridad & Protección Ltda.

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Babel Street, Inc., the world’s data-to-knowledge company, today announced a partnership with SFA Seguridad & Protección Ltda. to represent its cutting edge Babel X platform in the South American region, with localized support, to bolster the region’s use of publicly available information (PAI) to make informed decisions.

Babel Street solutions include its flagship platform, Babel X, which helps clients identify, organize and analyze PAI from hundreds of thousands of data sources, regardless of language. Babel Street’s cross-lingual search and text analytics technology deciphers data in more than 200 languages and emojis into actionable insights. For classified information, Babel BOX applies the same persistent search technology to clients’ proprietary data within the security of the customers’ own networks. Babel Channels® is an expert-curated streaming collection of PAI from vetted hyper-local sources around the globe that is available as a standalone offering and as part of Babel X subscriptions.

“Babel Street’s best-in-class technology was a natural addition to our portfolio,” said Alvaro Peñaloza, general manager of SFA Seguridad & Protección. “Our Spanish speaking team is able to service this region in our native tongue while ensuring that customers enjoy the gold standard in training and customer service that Babel Street values and offers.”

Based in Chile, SFA Seguridad & Protección Ltda. delivers specialized physical, cybersecurity and protection solutions for relevant customers across industries in the South American market. Its offerings help clients improve their analytical and operational capabilities.

“South America is a key area of economic growth and we are excited to enter the market with a strong partner,” said Scott Hansen, senior vice president of international business development at Babel Street. “Not only does SFA Seguridad & Protección bring more than 20 years of industry knowledge to this partnership, but the entire management team is dedicated to educating the market on PAI to ensure this relationship is successful.”

To learn more about working with Babel Street in South America, please contact Alvaro Peñaloza.